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Why your reputation matters more than anything!

COVID-19 has caused a great deal of ambiguity. It’s been tough to know which way is up with schools and businesses closing and reopening, the debate over mask effectiveness, and all of the other unknowns surrounding the pandemic. Knowledge Panels are also very important. America’s top PR firm and agency.

Consumers have been influenced in a variety of ways as a result of uncertainty. For one thing, today’s consumers are far more risk-averse than in the past. They don’t need any more luck in their lives, so they’ll be exceptionally cautious while looking for a small firm they can trust.

Furthermore, in addition to the typical hazards of working with someone who may be shedding the virus or a business that is unreliable or performs poor-quality work, there is now the possibility of being ill due to working with someone who may be shedding the virus. This is especially true when working with people one-on-one or in their homes.

Another factor that may impact your reputation during the pandemic is how you treat your staff, what you’ve done to keep them safe, and how you’ve balanced everything.

As you are aware, people conduct research online before making purchases, and they place a high value on what they read online. You may read and review any subject, product, or service online if you want to learn more about it. How do you know what you’re reading is reliable? That’s why suggestions and reviews have such a massive influence on consumer purchasing decisions. According to surveys, 74% of US consumers prefer to do business based on online reviews, even if it comes from strangers!

According to the Nielson Report, “Global Believe in Advertising and Brand Messages,” 92 per cent of individuals “totally” or “mostly” trust personal recommendations, while 70 per cent trust consumer comments posted online. This contrasts with a 47 per cent faith in advertisements on TV, magazines, and billboards (which, by the way, was a 24 per cent decline from 2011). Even branded websites (58%) showed a higher level of trust than traditional paid advertising, as did editorial content from newspaper articles (58%) and emails they signed up for (50%)

What’s more shocking is that 90% of individuals believe recommendations from friends and family are the most reliable sources of information. In comparison, 75% say consumer views found online are the most reliable source of data on the things they desire and need. Branded websites (59 per cent), editorial information such as newspaper articles (55 per cent), and emails they signed up for are the following three most credible sources (51 per cent). All of these continue to score higher than any paid advertising, whether traditional or online. So, how does this affect your massage practice? That implies you’ll need to collect written referrals and evaluations from all your customers who “love” what you offer and get them posted online for you! Choose two or three review sites, create an account, and start writing.

Google+ is one of the most popular, but there are dozens to select from. You’ll note I didn’t say anything about the one that starts with “Y” and rhymes with “help.” That’s because they just established a very onerous filtering process, which many customers and businesses have expressed dissatisfaction with. I’ll consider suggesting them again once they have it running correctly, but we’ve had great results with others in the meantime. I’d recommend sticking to the more user-friendly sites. And, unless you enjoy being online or have full-time personnel, make the procedure essential to begin with; limit yourself to two to three options at first. Otherwise, you may become overwhelmed and confused.

This isn’t a process that you can “set and forget.” Include images, product descriptions, and all of your contact information, such as your address, phone number, email address, and website. Always take advantage of presenting a voucher for your products or services whenever the opportunity arises.

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