Gun Lake Casino Funds Fire Department with New Equipment

Gun Lake Casino is again on its kindness record after donating tech equipment to the Wayland Fire Department. The generosity was given in cash, and it will be used to buy a brand-new extrication tool. The fire department will now be able to increase its capacity to respond to accidents.

An extrication tool is also known as a hydraulic rescue tool and it’s important during an emergency rescue. It is used for vehicle extrication following a crash. During fatal vehicle crashes, people can be trapped in the wreckage, and it becomes hard to remove them.

An extrication tool contains components such as cutters, kits, spreaders, rescue supplies, and equipment. The tool is vital in saving a life. The extrication tool Wayland Fire Department will buy is called EFORCE 17c-SL3 which is a powerful tool combining a cutter, battery, and spreader. Part of the money will be used to train the fire department staff to use the tool.

Commitment to charity

Gun Lake Casino sets aside part of its revenues for charity work. Anytime you gamble at PlayGunLake, you contribute to a good cause because part of the money you spend will help someone in need or a department such as the Wayland Fire Department.

According to the Gun Lake president, the donation to Wayland Fire Department proves Gun Lake Casino’s vow to make the local community safer. The casino is committed to giving support to local response teams in every possible way.

Helping Wayland Fire Department serve better

The Wayland Fire Department understands fire safety importance very well and this is the first item contained in its mission statement. The department serves a community of close to 14,000 people within the Wayland township.

Together with fire rescue, the division also helps in rescue and emergency medical service. The extrication tool donation by Gun Lake Casino came at the right time and it will be used for the service of the entire Wayland population.

More than thankful

Jim Stoddard, the Wayland Fire Department Chief, appreciated the generous gift from Gun Lake Casino. He said it would go a long way in the department’s mission to help the people of Wayland.

At least four times a year, the department conducts building inspections to ensure they are prepared to deal with fire incidences. They encourage residents to take action by installing smoke detectors, alarms, fire extinguishers, hose pipes, and other important firefighting equipment for homes and businesses.

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